Our History

As the adage, a journey of a thousand miles start with one step. In the year 1987, a group of employees of the German School Nairobi made a deliberate step to untangle themselves from the then prevailing financial challenges that were afflicting a majority of them. The group was mainly composed of drivers, gardeners, cleaners and other low cadre workers. This is how and when the idea to form Jinyime Upate Sacco was born.

In the year 1989, Jinyime Upate Sacco got registered under the Ministry of cooperatives, under the Cooperative Societies Act CAP 490 and governed by the Saccos and Societies Act and by the Sacco by-Laws. In order to have a financial muscle, a few months after registration, the Sacco admitted a co-operate member in the name of Syn-Tech Ltd bringing onboard all of its employees as well. After some years, they withdrew to form their own Sacco which meant the members continued to dig deeper into their pockets to make the Sacco stand financially.

As the name “Jinyime Upate “ translates to persevere and gain in the end, members were encouraged to tighten their belts and make sacrifices and forgo unnecessary spending and save for a better tomorrow. To date, our slogan remains to be “no pain no gain”. With the initial minimum monthly savings of ksh 200 in the late eighties, the Sacco has grown in leaps and bounds through sheer determination, resolve and discipline of the members to be what it is today with a wide membership.

The Sacco has made significant contributions in members lives and the society at large. Many member’s lives have been transformed through properties acquisition, investments, personal development, to mention but a few. Key milestone for the Sacco was when we celebrated 30 years’ anniversary in 2019.

The journey continues!


  • Joining hands together for a better life

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Uphold Integrity
  • Value teamwork
  • Focused on Service delivery


  • To have a society of financially enabled employees during and after employment.


  • To promote socio-economic development to our members by availing affordable credit
  • To educate members on matters cooperatives, loans and economic development